Have you ever considered the way in which the Prophets ascribe God’s basis for judgment to his status as the Creator? Isaiah 42:5 is a good example of this. God’s status as Creator is recognized, which develops into the idea that one should only worship him. Then there is a song of praise wherein God… Read More

Here is the latest small group discussion guide to go with the previously posted sermon from New River Fellowship. This bible study addresses the theological topic of Christ. Yet, the approach is to allow one to contemplate what difference Christ makes in their personal life. If this leads one to salvation – excellent!! Christology Lesson… Read More

Are the chips healthy? Will it create waste? Sun Chips are the best answer to both of those questions. So, I will be getting the original flavor now instead of the Peppercorn Ranch. … Read More

One thing I think that this person’s journey toward preserving the environment illustrates is that different methods are more effective in some areas than others. There is no one-size fits all approach. You have to evaluate different methods to see what works for you!… Read More

Here are my new trees. They are little, but they’ll grow into some decent sized shade makers. Oh, and they’ll provide some good snacks.… Read More