Verses 1:15-20 paint a beautiful picture of Christ’s role in creation. It is a role which stems from his power as the firstborn of creation, and results in his restoring all things to their intended order… Read More

Just for fun, I would like to conduct (or perhaps concoct) a deconstruction of the Dove World Outreach Center, led by Rev. Terry Jones. Please understand this is only for comedic purposes, and is not what I or any person I know actually thinks. To begin, the Dove World Outreach Center has a website, but… Read More

Report card style stickers will take a bit for me to get used to. Especially since most cars that I would consider buying will be in the A- or B+ category. Maybe its all my years as a student, but I want an A!!!… Read More

So there are a few pictures to spark your ideas. Remember, as soon as grass goes dormant, you can start digging and preparing beds for gardening!!… Read More

This week we discuss Old Testament Theology – Hasel’s Old Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate and Hayes and Prussner’s Old Testament Theology: Its History and Development. Also, a look at the post-retirement Stephen Hawking’s interesting comments. Finally, a great program – Zotero. It’s open-source, useful, and easy to use!! Finally Rain!!… Read More

How can the universe’s system of physics govern something that does not exist? If the laws of physics produced the universe, then how did they exist before the existence of the universe? It’s not the best logic.… Read More