This does not “prove” the historicity of the Old Testament, but merely points out the differences between a minimal view of the OT’s accuracy and a maximal view and the impact which it will have on one’s OT theology.… Read More

We talk Old Testament theology, fall gardening in North Texas, piezoelectrics, 100mpg cars, and why books are better than blogs!
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The field began with over 100 competitors, and was narrowed down to 3 vehicles by a progression of tests. The winners were all able to achieve the equivalent of 100mpg!! This just goes to show what a bunch of good designers and engineers can do if they have the time and funding!… Read More

I must admit, I’ve been thinking about the differences between books and say, blogs. In terms of communication qualities. Now I understand why Professors want books in research papers, and not internet sources. Here are some differences which I thought of: 1. Books are written as if they will last forever – internet stuff like… Read More

The Weatherford Democrat had a write up about an opportunity to learn a little more about gardening. They will also have a native plant sale after the educational session.… Read More

We discuss Small Space Gardens, Government Stickers on Car Lots, Terry Jones and his Koran burning charade, Creation in the New Testament, Fall Home Improvements – How to Save some Energy.… Read More

With Fall quickly approaching, it is time to start getting your house ready for the cooler temperatures. Truth be told, these improvements would help your house whether it’s hot or cold outside, so what are you waiting for? These tips will help you save energy, and cash, this winter.… Read More