Just run a google search for “Australia Locust Plague” and you’ll find several bits of news. This one describes the most recent outbreak, and the devastation it brings. This makes me think about an issue… Is God sending judgment in these circumstances, as in the Exodus story? Or, is there some sort “scientific” explanation – without God – which explains it.

I’m thinking a third option may also exist, perhaps God’s intended balance in creation has been tipped too far, and is running wild. This would be a sort of passive judgment. While not requiring God to have actively sent “a plague” upon these people, it would be a general reflection of the fact that humanity in general has overstepped its bounds in some way, and creation’s order (which God pronounced good) is coming undone.

Mind you, these are just random thoughts -as that is what a blog is for…

One comment on “Locust Plague in Modern Times?

  • “passive judgment” – I like that idea. I think I’ll be using that term much more often now. Is there someone in particular you brought those terms from? (author/book/etc).

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