Two Salmon of the same age

Now I’m all for eating Salmon. I Had some tonight. But I’ll pass on the genetically engineered stuff. Let me explain why…

1) What would the effects be of eating this stuff? They can claim there are no effects, but no one can be sure unless you’ve spent a lifetime eating it. What are the effects of these salmon getting into the wild and then pushing out the regular salmon? Not a fan.

2) God didn’t create it that way. This is the one I can’t get past. As someone who believes God is the creator I think there is something special about being created. If Genesis is correct in saying that God called creation good, then why genetically alter something? I mean it might seem to be the right choice in terms of “what’s best for the masses” (Utilitarianism), but is it what is really best? If God made something good, altering it seems wrong to me.

If we consider fish to be God’s creation, just as humans, and bears, and frogs are – then altering them in some way would take away the marks of the creator. I think that God did put us here to take care of creation – to lovingly manage it. But that caring does not involve altering. There is quite a fine line between the two, but I think Genetically altering something’s DNA qualifies as changing creation – which I don’t want to do.

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