Soil Erosion, 1 Corinthians 2 Bible Study, and Composting – what more could you want!!… Read More

1) Purchase windows that meet the following requirements: U factor less than or equal to 0.30; SHGC less than or equal to 0.30. I’m not going to try and explain this, just make sure that you ask for windows that meet these specifications. Otherwise, you won’t qualify for the rebate. 2) Have the windows installed… Read More

As a personal testimony, I can say that there is now no noticeable difference in the temperature of the rooms with film covered windows. So, it has made a HUGE difference in comfort for us. I’m also sure that it is going to impact my electricity bill, since my Air Conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep those rooms cool.… Read More

I think that this “crisis” will make me work harder to use less water. Water is a God-given resource that Abraham and Jacob appreciated, but we tend to forget this…… Read More