I ran across an article describing the general illiteracy about energy saving in the general public. The article notes that most people are dead wrong about how to save energy. As someone who values God’s creation, the environment, I thought I would point out some common myths about saving energy.

1. You have to go without to save money. While its true that you can save money by never turning lights on, and therefore help the environment, using more efficient light bulbs would do the trick too.

2. Saving water means not taking showers. Certainly showers save more water than baths. But, if you install a low-flow shower head, you can really save some serious water. Also, sink aerators decrease water usage.

3. Air-conditioning is a no-no. Programmable Thermostats are worth the cost. They will allow you to let the temperature go up in the summer while you are at work, and then cool the place back down before you come home. In addition, a one degree change can save you a significant amount of money each month. You can even get Energy Star air conditioners to really decrease your cost and emissions.

4. Public transportation is the only way to really go green. While Public transit is much more efficient than even a super efficient car, there are other options. Trading in your full-size SUV that you only fill up occasionally for a smaller SUV plus a 500 dollar trailer will mean going from 15mpg to 30mpg. Of course, for those of you who have to drive – like me – there are plenty of hybrids available to make sure you are as efficient as possible.

Sure there are more myths. But, if you correct people’s ideas on these four issues, then the country would greatly reduce its emissions and energy usage.

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