Right Doctrine Wrong TextI found Beale’s book (he’s the editor and a contributing author) to be an interesting, and valuable read. The book is written so that anyone in their 3rd year of undergraduate study in Religion (Christianity) would be able to work through it. Yet, because it is an edited work, some of the essays repeat similar arguments making it a plodding sort of read. Still, the information about 1st century exegetical practices in the New Testament is of great help. Also helpful was the way this book presents questions, and then allows a few opposing answers to the question. This way the reader can evaluate the merits of the argument for him/herself. The book addresses the aforementioned exegetical practices, the way in which NT writers used the OT, typology, did the NT writers properly make use of the OT quotations, and is the methodology of the NT writers something to be emulated by interpreters of our time? The book does a magnificent job of sorting through these issues. Overall I think that anyone looking to do advanced work in Theological studies ought to give this a read, and perhaps even pastors who are looking to be responsible in their preaching of the NT as it quotes the OT.


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