On my last vacation I was able to get better than EPA gas mileage while driving at a “reasonable speed” for most people. How you may ask? Cruise Control. I’m willing to bet that if you set your cruise control at the Posted Speed Limit, or a little above, you will be able to beat the advertised EPA mileage for your vehicle. My 2000 Ford Explorer set to cruise at 70mph, will get 22-23mpg. The advertised hwy mpg is 21. My brother took a 12hr trip and saw some incredible results with this method. His 2008 Ford Focus (EPA hwy estimated 35mpg), was able to get 42.2mpg. What is the voodoo math to this trick? Why is this on a blog about Old Testament and Ecology?

I wanted to write about this because I’m a Christian who cares about God’s Creation, the environment. I loved cars as a kid, and still do, though my taste has changed. I like to see how many mpg’s I can get instead of how fast I can go. For me, it saves money – yes, but it also takes care of God’s creation because it makes me conscious of trying to leave the smallest possible taint on God’s creation.

The reason this trick works is twofold. 1) The EPA hwy test incorporates some stops and acceleration, while cruising down the interstate does not. 2) Cruise control is much more precise than your foot. It can adjust the throttle at the computer level, which is much more precise than your foot (unless you have a scangauge).

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