We discuss “Hipster Christianity”, Energy Saving Myths, and an idea for the center of Old Testament theology – Deuteronomy 26.
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In an Old Testament Theology Seminar I was asked to come up with a “central theme” for the Old Testament, that could carry over into the New Testament. It’s what Biblical Theologians call a center, or a mitte. In thinking about that I looked at Deuteronomy 26.… Read More

Sure there are more myths. But, if you correct people’s ideas on these four issues, then the country would greatly reduce its emissions and energy usage.… Read More

As with any fresh critique of a movement, he tends to criticize the stereotypical (and fictional) “hipster church”, of which surely none really exist. While it seems likely that many churches exhibit some of the weaknesses he points out… Read More

Hypermiling on Vacation; How to get a 30% tax credit on new windows; G.K. Beale’s Right Doctrine from the Wrong Text?; 1 Corinthians 4:1-7 Bible Study; Russian accuses USA of Weather Weapons – All in this Episode!!!
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Conspiracy theorists rejoice! A Russian Scholar accused the USA of causing the major heat wave in Moscow. How you might ask? By using ultra-low frequency radio waves from an Alaskan device known as H.A.R.P. The implications of this being true are enormous. That would mean that Global Warming was most certainly a hoax. In fact,… Read More

The book addresses the aforementioned exegetical practices, the way in which NT writers used the OT, typology, did the NT writers properly make use of the OT quotations, and is the methodology of the NT writers something to be emulated by interpreters of our time? The book does a magnificent job of sorting through these issues. … Read More