Last night we had a tremendous thunderstorm. It rained for about 2.5 hrs, and we had 3.5 inches of rainfall. Since it was night, I couldn’t see the damage to the yard until this morning. I seeded my backyard (more soon on that) recently, and this pesky storm foiled some of my plans. It seems that my neighbor’s yard lost an inordinate amount of silt, which partially buried some of my new grass. This explains why I’ve got a lot of silt in areas of my yard, and not much soil. The soil has probably been eroded over the years, and left me with spots which are without topsoil to grow grass.

I think I will have to devise a system of blocking the soil erosion, while allowing for significant runoff. This probably means more digging (fun), more seeding, and more buying soil. At least I’ve got plenty of compost to help out.

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