This book (Carson and Moo, An Introduction to the New Testament 2nd ed., 1992) was a delightful read. It was well organized, and written in an easy to comprehend fashion. I suspect this would be a good introductory textbook (One of my introductory classes used this book). Yet, the book is so conservative that it really needs to be supplemented. As an Evangelical Christian, I agree with most of Carson and Moo’s conclusions (I’m not sure about a 2nd Roman imprisonment, or their dating of Jude), yet I think that their presentation of opposing views could have been stronger. They seem to present opposing arguments in an easy to defeat manner at times. In this respect, the work is not as useful as Guthrie’s Introduction.

Overall the work is useful. It presents a good summary and outline of each NT book, then dives into the questions of authorship, dating, provenance, recipients, and textual issues. As mentioned above it is easy to comprehend, and as such would be useful to biblical students of all levels.


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