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According to one news source, a Harvard study indicates that passing Cap and Trade would raise gas prices to $7 a gallon. As a Christian who cares about the environment, I’m interested in legislation like this. I’m interested in it failing.

I want to see some sort of Government incentive for using cleaner energy – not a penalty for using the one source of transportation that is widespread in our country. An incentive might allow me to not pay certain taxes for a specified amount of time if I buy an EV. There might be an incentive for energy providers that lowers the tax rate on profits from clean energy. Perhaps the best solution would be to provide a big benefit or prize for creating a new energy technology that is cost effective and could compete with fossil fuel. These are simply the musings of an intelligent person, not an expert by any means.

What I would hate to see is everyday people (especially rural people) have to triple their budget for gasoline. I use a small amount of gasoline by Texas standards, roughly $225 a month (2 vehicles, 4 tanks of gasoline a month @ $2.70 a gallon). If that price went to $7 a gallon, my cost would go to $600 a month. I couldn’t afford that. I don’t have any alternatives. There is no public transportation, and this is Texas, where it is considered “unhealthy” to be outside in the heat (at least that’s what the government says, I like exercising in heat), so walking 4 miles to the nearest grocery store is out of the question. Then there is the problem of the fact that transportation cost on goods would triple as well, meaning that every good and service that I purchase would increase in price. I just don’t see how that is a desired effect.

The kind of change I desire would be better enforcement of current rules, and maybe even to move step by step toward tougher rules on pollution. But mainly, alternative energy just isn’t cost effective. That’s the real problem. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation (the environment), I want to leave as little impact on the non-human world as possible – in fact I’d like to think my actions improve it. But the sort of legislation that Obama is calling for does not seem to match my goals.

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  • I commute 45 miles to work each day and another 45 to get home. I support environmental initiatives but I’m not sure what I would do either. I would hope that the ‘Cap and Trade’ routine would be graduate and start minimal. It’s good to put buying pressure on people as well as pressure on the car companies I think.

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