Cross From Epic to CanonI chose this book yesterday because it was only 245pages. I knew I could get it done in a short day’s work. Overall the book comes from a perspective that I’m not a part of, namely the History of Religions approach to Old Testament. It assumes an evolutionary development of the Hebrew faith from Canaanite religion incrementally so as to contain no real huge innovations. For me this conflicts with my faith-based understanding of revelation. But, in the review I demonstrate some other ways of attacking that argument. Evolutionary development does not seem to be an attractive option because so much of human development is not done incrementally but through leaps in development, i.e wheel, etc.

Cross is a respected scholar, with a very productive career. His writing should not be taken lightly, even when one disagrees with him. He does offer some good arguments for an early fixed text, and early decided canon of the Hebrew Bible, which even conservative evangelicals would probably appreciate.

Full Review here.

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