When I was starting this book, my 19mo old Daughter walked into the room and said, “Daddy – BIG book”. That about sums it up. This book is a 1300 page behemoth. Yet, it is amazingly helpful in just about every area of Old Testament study. He covers introductory issues, the Documentary Hypothesis, Old Testament interpretation, OT Theology, and goes book by book discussing critical issues and problems. Given its size and scope I would not recommend this for a lay-person or beginning student. Yes, it’s a work for advanced students, or as a reference work perhaps. His conservative treatment of the topics is strangely evenhanded. In some areas he even admits that his position has equal merit to another position, but not more.

Overall, I found this book quite helpful, as my full review shows.

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  • I’m ashamed to say I actually haven’t worked through that big beast yet. I plan to, though, before I finish the program here at Brite. You’ve accomplished something to be proud of!

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