This work was one that I liked at times and disliked at times. I enjoyed the first two chapters, because they seem well organized and thought out. Yet, the ending chapters take a more polemical tone. He strikes out at ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘conservatives’, which I don’t really appreciate. More than that, his comments were not… Read More

Overall the work is useful. It presents a good summary and outline of each NT book, then dives into the questions of authorship, dating, provenance, recipients, and textual issues. As mentioned above it is easy to comprehend, and as such would be useful to biblical students of all levels.… Read More

According to one news source, a Harvard study indicates that passing Cap and Trade would raise gas prices to $7 a gallon. As a Christian who cares about the environment, I’m interested in legislation like this. I’m interested in it failing.… Read More

My broccoli was eaten by grasshoppers. At least, that’s my conclusion. I have had an abundance of grasshoppers the last two weeks, little bitty guys, and that is when the leaves started showing holes. It’s a shame because I had 3 good size plants that were just about to make a head of broccoli. I… Read More

This HUGE New Testament Introduction was written in 1990, as a 4th revision. As such, it brings to bear a lifetime of work by a great scholar Donald Guthrie. The book addresses several of the critical issues of each book. It gives ample space to the synoptic gospels, and Paul’s writings. … Read More

Cross is a respected scholar, with a very productive career. His writing should not be taken lightly, even when one disagrees with him. He does offer some good arguments for an early fixed text, and early decided canon of the Hebrew Bible, which even conservative evangelicals would probably appreciate.… Read More

When I was starting this book, my 19mo old Daughter walked into the room and said, “Daddy – BIG book”. That about sums it up. This book is a 1300 page behemoth. Yet, it is amazingly helpful in just about every area of Old Testament study. He covers introductory issues, the Documentary Hypothesis, Old Testament… Read More