I’ve been thinking about the BP oil spill, and recently saw that there is a new plan which is pretty risky. I know that as Christians we are supposed to “do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). So, critiquing all the ideas that BP puts forward – then criticizing them for the failure seems wrong. I haven’t heard any alternatives put forth to fix the flow of oil except for the things that BP has put forth. If the government officials really want to be critical of BP, then they need to make some substantive suggestions. That is the way adults deal with difficult problems in a civil manner.

As a christian who cares about the environment, God’s creation, I want the BP situation to be resolved soon. In striving to be humble, I want to give BP the benefit of the doubt. I think that until there is some sort of evidence that they are out of ideas, then I don’t want to criticize them.

One comment on “BP Oil Spill and Christian Humility

  • Well, the new planned seems to be making some progress. How BP is drawing ~15,000+ barrels of oil a day from a well that only produces ~5,000 barrels a day is rather remarkable though ;).

    I like the blog, thanks for writing!

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