I’m reviewing the Netgear Rangemax WNDR3700 here because as I was setting it up I noticed that it is a part of Netgear’s green initiative. The power plug is energy star rated, and the user can control how much power the wifi radios are using. There is also a handy button on the device that will turn it off when you’re away from home – if that’s what you want. All of this means that the device can potentially save you electricity every month…

Now to the performance. Setup was easy, but to be fair I know what I’m doing with a router. I skipped the “basic” setup using the CD, and jumped into the device itself via http. I had it up and running in no time. I like having 2 different networks off of one router. It gives you a 2.4ghz network that you can set up as b/g/n, and 54/150/300mpbs if you want. Then you have the 5ghz radio that sets this device apart. It allows for a/n and up to 300mpbs. But the beauty is that 5ghz networks don’t get the interference that 2.4ghz networks do. For example, most cordless landline phones are 2.4ghz, so is your microwave, so are most video game controllers, bluetooth devices, etc. Not to mention the 13 other wifi networks that I pick up at my house (I guess my neighborhood is pretty “unwired”).

The main reason I bought this thing, and the real test that I gave it was streaming media to my Xbox 360 via the media center extender feature. I have a dual tuner video card in my PC, that I use to record TV. Then I use the Xbox to watch everything on the TV via Media Center Extender. I bought the wireless N adapter for the console this summer because I moved into a house where runningĀ  a LAN cable was going to be tough in that location. My previous N router wasn’t up to the test of streaming content of HD quality though. When I ran the bandwidth test from the Xbox, it always gave me a message saying HDTV wouldn’t work. I bought a cheap wireless G access point off ebay, and it was able to mostly handle the throughput… mostly. But, I wanted to really take control of the problem with my new WNDR3700 – and it does. I get a perfect signal to my xbox on the 5ghz channel, and it gets a throughput at nearly 300mpbs… which streams HDTV jitter free…

The WNDR3700 fits my criteria of providing an eco-friendly solution to my networking needs. As a christian who cares about God’s creation, environment, I want my purchases to reflect my convictions. This one met my criteria, my needs, and goes well beyond. It even provides the ability to create ‘guest’ networks if one so desires. The device has way more features than I need right now, which is nice because I usually end up learning how to use them and then deciding I do need them later.

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