I’ve been a bit blocked writing-wise lately. So today I thought I’d just describe what I’ve been up to in the yard…

I have this nasty patch of dirt and patchy grass/weeds. It sits in shade all day because it’s under a big tree, and on the east side of my house. I was at Lowe’s this week looking for a trellis for my peas, and was attracted to a flashy display of grass seed. I though “I wonder if they have any for shade…”. The answer was of course “yes”. I found some seed for what the bag called “dense shade”. At $10, I bought it. A few evenings later, I thought I’d plant it. Thinking the job would be about 20min, I started into it. Then I realized I wanted to do a really good job – it’s my personality. So I mowed, raked the area, then spread the seed. Then I raked over it, raking the seed under about 1/4 inch of dirt to keep the birds off of it (so far so good). Next I had to water the whole 500 sqft. So, my little project clocked in at 2.5hrs and one tired guy.

I also realized it was time to apply a liquid fertilizer (According to “Lucy’s Lines”). So, I found a sprayer on sale for $7, and ordered the agrispawn and fish-seaweed mixture that I needed from Marshall Grain. The sprayer was put to use today – as I applied the fertilizer to the lawn. Yes it does have a fishy smell to it – not overpowering though. A couple of dogs slowed their fast-walking owner down as she was going past the house this evening though. I was excited to do this because my front yard is starting to look like a yard. My house was bought as a foreclosure and the yard (not really a lawn) had not been maintained in a while. When I moved in I had 18-24 inch weeds with some grass. This year I’ve been slowing pulling the clover, aerating the ground, and de-thatching. Thanks to the poultry fertilizer I spread a few months ago, there are some spots that actually look like a lawn. The lawn-spots are in the minority, but they have given me hope – which is why I wanted to fertilize again.

So there it is, that’s my journey ‘working the lawn’ the last week or so. I’ve also been reading several OT books. I’m thinking that the immense amount of reading that I have to do this summer will mean that my Old Testament oriented posts will be predominantly book reviews aimed at normal people, with a link to the PDF of a more in depth review. I try to write reviews of everything that I read, or at least summaries. Some of those are posted under the “study books” link at the top of the page.

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  • nice. i’ve also had writer’s block lately. i think we need academic sabbaths so our minds can regenerate, seriously.

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