Today for lunch, I was able to enjoy a backyard salad. I ‘harvested’ my lettuce 2 days ago, and washed it. Then I let it sit in the fridge for a couple of days to make it crisp. So, today I put the mix of 2 types of lettuce which I grew into a bowl, added some cheese and enjoyed. I had some Ranch dip just in case the lettuce was bitter – but it really wasn’t. I was impressed. It seemed to taste better than the supermarket lettuce, but then again I’m biased.

As a Christian who cares for God’s creation, the environment, I want to utilize my yard by growing some of my food. I use organic methods (compost fertilizer, etc), and hope to improve the soil conditions along the way. I’m also excited about my blueberry bushes (native plant to the area used as landscaping), and birdhouse which gives a home to some Wrens. My daughter and I enjoy getting out in the yard and “tasting and seeing that the LORD is good” (as the psalms say).

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