my new dishwasher

Today we had our new dishwasher installed. A few weeks back I was able to get one of the Texas Appliance Rebates – one for a dishwasher. You can read all about that crazy event if you want.I ordered a GE GLD6968RSS from Best Buy – they had the same low price as everyone else, the cheapest install price, and offered recycling, which saved me another $75.

Today at 7:04am – yes AM… the install man showed up. He was kind, big, talkative, and very AWAKE!!!! He was the install guy that Best Buy contracts out in the DFW area. The guy was really nice and gave me some tips for installing one myself next time I purchase a dishwasher (which will hopefully be a LONG TIME). He had the old machine out and the new one in within 30 minutes. After testing the connections to make sure there were no leaks, he left.

I immediately loaded it up, got it ready to go and then… waited for Rachel to get home at 4:10pm so she could hear it on it’s first cycle. We got this machine because it was supposed to be quiet – something our old Hotpoint (you know, the cheap-o appliances that come with cheap houses) was not. The old machine was so loud that had trouble watching TV while it was on. Let’s just say we were pleasantly surprised. The new GE is quieter than my air conditioner. Yes, I mean I could actually hear the air blowing through the ducts louder than I could hear the dishwasher. And of course it gets the dishes clean too!! Another bonus is that this new machine matches the color of the other appliances in the kitchen, black and stainless.

As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, the environment, I was planning to upgrade this dishwasher anyway. But, when I heard about the Texas Appliance Rebate program I was really excited to find that the government and I actually agree on getting better appliances. I am VERY PLEASED with my GE GLD6968RSS.

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