As a christian who cares about the environment, God’s creation, I want the BP situation to be resolved soon. In striving to be humble, I want to give BP the benefit of the doubt.… Read More

The WNDR3700 fits my criteria of providing an eco-friendly solution to my networking needs. As a christian who cares about God’s creation, environment, I want my purchases to reflect my convictions.… Read More

I have this nasty patch of dirt and patchy grass/weeds. It sits in shade all day because it’s under a big tree, and on the east side of my house. I was at Lowe’s this week looking for a trellis for my peas, and was attracted to a flashy display of grass seed. I though “I wonder if they have any for shade…”. The answer was of course “yes”. … Read More

My Peas were looking ready to harvest, according to the Vegetable Gardener’s Bible. So, today my daughter, wife and I went out and picked the pods that looked good. We cut one open for my 18mo old daughter to see what was inside – which she loved. Then she ate one of the peas. Next… Read More

We bought a foreclosure last summer, and did some work on it. With the latest dishwasher purchase, the kitchen is finished up. So, today I thought I would post a before shot and an after shot of the same room from about the same spot. Before we Remodeled: After Remodel: I’ll answer any questions or… Read More

As a Christian who cares about God’s creation, the environment, I was planning to upgrade this dishwasher anyway. But, when I heard about the Texas Appliance Rebate program I was really excited to find that the government and I actually agree on getting better appliances. I am VERY PLEASED with my GE GLD6968RSS.… Read More

I’d like to use this at least every other week because Reel Mowers emit no pollution and use no gasoline. Gas mowers have very unregulated engines and produce lots of pollution. Mine spews smoke for about 2minutes before it really warms up and runs well. I still smell like exhaust after using it though. … Read More