NASA has begun to use an unmanned aircraft similar to a predator drone in order to measure greenhouse gases. I find this interesting as a Christian who cares for God’s Creation (environment). I enjoy technology. So, seeing this was exciting. But, this of course raises the question of whether technology is an appropriate way to… Read More

I took a break Sunday (my sabbath for the week). I did no mind bending reading – but relaxed outside. I planted 4 blueberry bushes in my yard, where it will eventually look like landscaping one day. Now, it looks like I have four bushes next to the house. I followed some instructions and planted… Read More

Obama decides to let the drilling begin. Zechariah Creation Metaphors. Deepak Chopra. Texas Appliance Rebate Mess. You don’t wanna miss it!
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As a Christian who cares about God’s Creation, the environment, I am one of the 38 thousand people in Texas who will be taking advantage of a government program meant to get consumers to junk their working appliances and buy new ones to help stimulate the lagging economy.… Read More

The ‘spiritual guru’ evidently tweeted that he had caused the earthquake of 7.2 magnitude by “meditating”. Do I think he really did it? No. If you thought I might, then you don’t read my blog. The God of the OT and NT is the sole being with power to do that. Of course, I’m not… Read More

A metaphor which implies God as creator can be found in 3:10 (In that day,’ declares the LORD of hosts, ‘every one of you will invite his neighbor to sit under his vine and under his fig tree.'”). The phrase “vine and fig tree” actually occurs in several other places in scripture. Deut 8:8 describes the promised land in terms of vines and fig trees.… Read More