credit: US Coast Gaurd

It seems that if (or when) the oil slick hits the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, the results will be catastrophic – similar to the Exxon spill in Alaska. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation (environment), I want to react in two ways. First, I will be praying for the people who will inevitably be harmed by this catastrophe. People will suffer property damage, and damage to their businesses, and perhaps to their person. Second, I want to support an effort to make sure that the mess is cleaned up as best as possible. For me that also means supporting enforcement of rules which are in place to make sure things like this don’t happen.

I do think that overall one would have to admit that there haven’t been many accidents in the gulf, given the large amount of offshore oil operations present in the area. At the same time, this event highlights the seriousness of a disaster and the need for businesses and individuals to exercise great care in extracting oil from this vitally important area.

In a less reactionary act, I would like to remind my readers that Scripture says in Psalm 19 that the heavens and earth (sky and land) declare the glory of God. I think we should be careful when we are engaging in any sort of activity which could potentially harm that declaration of God’s greatness. In a very real way, God placed humanity here to ‘tend the garden’ (Gen 2:15). Therefore humans as the image bearers of God ought to use our authority and unique position to act benevolently toward the creation which he originally called ‘good’.

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