earthSo, it’s earth day. I read one guy on facebook’s post that he had all his lights on, had his truck idling in the driveway and was trying to throw away as much as possible. I asked him if he was the earth’s anti-Christ… j/k

Personally, I’m doing what I do everyday… I ran my 2 box-fans this morning to cool the house down to 69 degrees, so I don’t have to run the A/C today. In fact, I haven’t used the A/C at all this year. My goal is to make it at least until May 1st. Of course, if I can go longer, I will. The box fans supposedly use about 2cents worth of electricity per hour, each. I ran them for 2hrs, so that is about 8cents worth of power. Then, I have all the blinds open, so I don’t need lights on… I even keep my entertainment center’s power strip turned off when not in use because I hate phantom loads…

So that’s my story. If you want a great green-tech update on earth day, try this one on Cnet’s site.

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