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I ran across an interesting story about Young Evangelicals being more likely to link belief and action (specifically Environmentalism). The idea is that younger Evangelicals are more globally aware of problems, and are aware of cultural problems like consumerism. Since this is the case, they see their faith in Christ as having a component which drives them to be a part of the solution to these problems. An issue like global warming can garner a huge amount of support from faith-based groups of younger people in light of this reality. I just wish that younger Evangelicals (I still technically fall into this category of young, and I’m definitely Evangelical in my beliefs), would see an impetus in Scripture for engaging issues, instead of responding to a perceived crisis. I think crisis response is important, but since less planning tends to go into these efforts, the effects are more short lived. Taking the proactive, more thought through approach would yield longer lasting results and have more potential impact.

2 comments on “Young Evangelicals More Likely to Link Belief with Action?

  • It sounds like the younger generation needs an older generation of mentors to guide the youngers’ enthusiasm and offer more long-term direction for addressing concerns in a sustainable way.

    • John, maybe you are correct. I am certainly not against the gracious guidance of those more experienced than I. I know I tend to over-react, and there are probably many others out there who tend to do the same.

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