Obama Oil DrillingPres. Obama announced that he will open large parts of the Atlantic coast of the USA to drilling, as others for exploration. The NY times article makes it sound like the areas were decided on in a way which would garner support for his upcoming climate bill. Is this a choice based upon his view of the environment? The state of Maine has two senators who may be swing votes on the climate bill, and their state’s waters were left off limits. Alaska’s senators want drilling, and got it. Florida got a section carved out to be off limits so as to please their democrat senator (according to the article).

Though there are certainly oil and gas reserves in those areas opened up by Pres. Obama, it remains to be seen how much it actually is. Meanwhile, his climate plan (and green view) seems to have a component of oil and natural gas in the short term at least, while he claims that ‘green’ jobs will power America’s recovery and future. This may seem a bit contradictory to some, but I applaud him for at least recognizing that energy costs affect the economy – and this measure may lower those costs eventually. It does seem that he promised not to do this in his campaign though…

If this is a somewhat politically motivated action, it will not surprise James Lovelock – who recently said that humanity is too stupid to stop global warming. In the war of opinions and data on climate change, it seems that Pres. Obama may attempt to find a middle ground (in the eyes of the international community). Of course, to the American community, that would seem like a hard-line leftist stance. It remains to be seen how tough of a stand this president will take for the environment. As of now, he seems to have caved to pressure from economists and corporations (possibly – who really knows). Will he take a stand and please Gaia theory enthusiasts like James Lovelock? We’ll see.

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