It seems that if (or when) the oil slick hits the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, the results will be catastrophic – similar to the Exxon spill in Alaska. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation (environment), I want to react in two ways. First, I will be praying for the people who will… Read More

Creation Metaphors in Zechariah | Earth Day Activities | Archeologist finds Soddom?
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While Collins did not say outright “this is biblical Soddom”, he did appear to think it, and said that it satisfies the necessary criteria to fit with what the written source in Genesis presents – which is archeologist speak for “this is the biblical Soddom – but I haven’t convinced the other archeologists yet”. … Read More

So, it’s earth day. I read one guy on facebook’s post that he had all his lights on, had his truck idling in the driveway and was trying to throw away as much as possible. I asked him if he was the earth’s anti-Christ… j/k Personally, I’m doing what I do everyday… I ran my… Read More

Are Young Evangelicals more likely to care about the environment? Can One fight Global Warming with Technology? How Much Havoc is Iceland’s Volcano really causing? What do Creation Metaphors in Zechariah mean? Answers in this episode!!… Read More

If Google has it’s way, there will be an app platform which will allow users to monitor their home’s energy use. This would mean that you could view your energy usage stats in real-time from practically any device. This idea isn’t new. As a Christian who cares about God’s creation (environment) I have looked at… Read More

The metaphor functions to give legitimacy to Zerubbabel, the (Davidic) leader of the community. The true creator will execute judgment against those who stand in Zerubbabel’s way. Even if they draw upon the power of their god, Yahweh’s ability to supernaturally shake mountains shows he is the real creator and as such, his servant will prevail. … Read More