Some of My Lettuce Sprouting

I went to the garden to check it out today. The seeds I planted 2 weeks ago said that they would germinate in 10-14 days. So, not expecting much I went over there to look… and thought that clover was growing in the garden…

I pulled one of the plants up, to get a good look at it, and noticed it was growing from a seed that looked familiar. In fact, I had seen that seed before as I put it there. Mildly excited I grabbed my netbook and did a search for an image of “lettuce sprout”, which yielded pictures of the same thing I’d just pulled up. So, now I’m convinced that we’ll get some vegetables out of our new garden!!

I’m excited about growing things for several reasons. One of them, is that my Great-Grandfather worked a farm in Tennessee (he ran a dairy and grew tobacco). Like many people, most of my older relatives were farmers or grew up on a farm. So, doing this makes me feel a little connected to my heritage. Second, I want to give it a try – I’ve never done it before. Third, I really feel that if God has given you land, then you have at least some ability to feed yourself (like from gardening). I want to “tend the garden” (as Genesis 2:15 puts it). Personally, I’m convicted that I need to take care of creation as an act of showing honor and obedience to God. In order to do that, I’m growing a garden to lessen my impact on creation. By eating stuff that I grow, I’m creating less waste (plus getting good compost). I’m not requiring that food to be transported, or processed – which saves energy and pollution. So in those ways, I’m honoring God by respecting his Creation which he has charged me to look after.

I’m also not really sure what this is. I thought it was a weed, but I didn’t want to pull it up without knowing for sure after my first mistake. It’s in a spot where I think I planted Broccoli. Let me know if you can tell what this is…

a weed or broccoli?

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