North Texas residents have a unique relationship with Natural Gas drilling. While we enjoy the prospect of having a clean(er) source of energy coming from our own back-yards, and many residents enjoy getting a royalty check, some questions still linger. I have previously mentioned the city-wide query of Benzene emissions in Fort Worth. Now, North Texans have reason to suspect that Gas Well operations may have caused earthquakes in the area.

Some potential problems cited in gas well operations include: Benzene emissions, groundwater pollution in Parker County, sinkholes in New Mexico, and now potentially even earthquakes. While I am not one to call for a cessation of Gas-Well operations, I do think that more responsibility should be taken by the companies involved. I realize that the cost will just be passed on to the consumer, but I think that the cost increase would be for a good reason – safety. Cheap Natural Gas (as it’s usually advertised) may be a good source of energy, but it seems to also have some potentially hazardous effects on people and wildlife in the area where wells operate.

In light of these issues, I think about the charge in Genesis 2:15 in which God commands humanity to care for the garden (creation). Old Testament Theologian Walter Brueggemann demonstrated that God uses land as a mediator in relationship to his people. When God’s people act injustly, the land becomes barren. When the people are in right standing, then the land is bountiful – flowing with milk and honey.

Could the negative effects of natural gas operations be the result of the land showing God’s displeasure. Perhaps. But that issue is certainly up for debate at this point. As of now, it seems the prudent thing to do would be to take proper precautions and proceed carefully.

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