Creation Metaphors in Zechariah, natural gas causing earthquakes, Obama’s healthcare bill, fox’s wanderings, plus my garden update.… Read More

I went to the garden to check it out today. The seeds I planted 2 weeks ago said that they would germinate in 10-14 days. So, not expecting much I went over there to look… and thought that clover was growing in the garden… I pulled one of the plants up, to get a good… Read More

I think that it is important for a Christian who values ecology (environment) to base that view upon ideas found in the Bible. As I will be discussing in the future, Zechariah demonstrates a certain understanding of God as Creator which implies that humanity ought to value and care for God’s creation (the earth).… Read More

I disagree in principal with government taking any responsibility or mission away from the church. In my view, God has relationships with individuals and challenges them specifically, in the same way then individuals are responsible for caring for other individuals. … Read More

His recent post about the discoveries in Thessaloniki is a great example of what he does. He includes a link to a press release, and a picture of what he is discussing. Mike includes a discussion of the discovery, and some comments about its significance. I like to check up on his site every few days to see what’s new in the area of archeology.… Read More

Could the negative effects of natural gas operations be the result of the land showing God’s displeasure. Perhaps. But that issue is certainly up for debate at this point. As of now, it seems the prudent thing to do would be to take proper precautions and proceed carefully.… Read More

Climate Science Controversy… cont’d, Natural Disasters: Is the World Spinning out of Control?,
Bloom Fuel Cells | Atlantic Trash Mess | A Way Forward. I discuss these three blog posts in the first podcast of the month…… Read More

I can’t get over the recent fireworks from the climate controversy. Recently, one of the people responsible for claiming a sea level rise withdrew the claim. There have been several recent retractions, like the assertion about receding glaciers in the Himalayas. I also enjoy seeing the way different news agencies treat the stories. CNN seems… Read More