I think that we can move forward in caring the problem of polluting the earth, and/or climate change issues, by agreeing to look for affordable ways to replace energy needs with something that will create less waste. Nobody likes a mess. Why should we create a bigger mess than we have to?… Read More

Today I went to Marshall Grain Co. with my father-in-law. It was my first trip there, and I thought I’d share my thoughts since many of you who read and listen live in the Dallas area. The store was well organized, and had helpful employees. We knew what we wanted, but needed help locating it,… Read More

My wife asked me ‘what I had so far’ the other day and it forced me to outline an argument in my head. I think I have to begin with a discussion of what creation theology is, and how it includes the idea of creation as a continuing process (creatio continua). … Read More

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Continuing Creation, not sure of what I thought. I was given some excellent feedback, and continued in my research. Then, I ran across this paragraph in Edmond Jacob’s Old Testament Theology… Creation, being a commencement, has a sequel. No doubt God completes the creation at the beginning, he… Read More

The biblical idea of sabbath involves rest. One day a week humans are told to rest. Then in Leviticus 25, the land is given sabbaths every seven years. Of course the rational for the exile lasting so long was because the land was not given sabbaths. As a christian who cares about the environment, God’s… Read More