It’s never too early to start planning your garden. As a Christian who values God’s creation, I have always wanted a garden. Now that I have a house of my own, I want to grow some vegetables on our very own little “promised land”. So, the process began today, January 24th, with some digging. I’m planning to make several 8X4 foot beds (probably 4). Today I was able to dig one in about an hour and a half. But the work was pretty tough, using a shovel and a garden fork.

I dug out the grass, and knocked all the dirt off of it, then threw it aside. I was able to dig down about 8-10 inches before hitting another layer of dirt. This is where I chose to use the garden fork. I made some holes with it in order to aerate the dirt, but was careful not to¬† turn it over. I didn’t want to “double dig”, and mix the soil elements. Luckily I did see several earthworms as I was digging -even though the ground is still pretty cold. However, I could tell that my dirt has a lot of clay in it, and will be needing a lot of compost added. I think I might have enough for this one bed, but not for the others. So, it looks like I will be purchasing some more nutrients soon.

I really enjoy being outside, so today was a treat! I enjoyed hearing the birds singing, and feeling the sunlight on my back. I even enjoyed getting a little dirty while working. Doing this work made me feel connected to the creation story in Genesis 2, and the charge to humanity to ‘tend the garden’ in Gen 2:15.

I’ll give more updates and photos of the garden’s progress as I go along.

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