EarthquakeHugo Chavez has decided that the Hati earthquakes were the result of a USA Techtonic Weapons test (video). Yep that’s right, he is saying that the USA wanted the atrocity to happen. This brings up the subject of Techtonic weapons and whether or not they really exist. Evidently, Conspiracy Theorists have been trying to tell the public about them for some time. You can find a good descrption of the theory here. Basically, the theory says that during the Cold War, US and USSR military commanders had weapons in development which were meant to cause earthquakes. Basically this would be the ultimate in deniability. Just think how hard it would be to pin a natural disaster on a military.

I understand how the weapons would work in theory, but it certainly seems far-fetched. As of now, the idea of these weapons is consigned to the same discussion rings as UFO’s and Secret Societies. At the same time, Russia and China have both publicly claimed to influence the weather (make it rain). So, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

As a Christian who cares about God’s Creation (the environment), I don’t think that humans should attempt to influence the weather (as a weapon). Trying to avert natural disasters might be worthwhile, but I’m afraid the chances of helping are probably close to the same as the chances of making the natural disaster worse. So, in my opinion those opportunities should be avoided because it seems impossible to calculate all of the unintended affects that planet altering actions might have.

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