I thought I would mention the books read this past week.
Jobes/Silva Invitation to the Apocryhpa – I’d recommend it to anyone pursuing biblical scholarship who wants an introduction to the basic questions in the Apocryphal works.

Martin Hengel’s The Septuagint as Christian Scripture – only to more serious students, it deals with a lot of technical questions and has lengthy greek and latin quotations.

Not really books, but article length ‘books’.
Letter of Aristeas – written in the late BC, a legend of how the LXX came into being. It was widely cited and expanded upon by the church fathers.

Zechariah – read it in Hebrew and in English (twice)

Psalm 2 and 109 – read/translated from the LXX

Read most of “The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible”. Still working on it. Yes it is a book…

Total books for the year = 4 plus 2 ‘article length’ books

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