Over the last 4 days I’ve been reading a lot… Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. – Invitation to the Apocrypha. It’s a good, easy to understand, introduction to the Old Testament apocryphal books. David A. deSilva – Introducing the Apocrypha. This book reads just like a NT Introduction, but for the Apocryphal books. It addresses the… Read More

I’m planning to make several 8X4 foot beds (probably 4). Today I was able to dig one in about an hour and a half. But the work was pretty tough, using a shovel and a garden fork.… Read More

As a Christian who cares for God’s Creation (environment) I would really enjoy living in a house that needed almost no resources to heat or cool it year round!!… Read More

Hugo Chavez has decided that the Hati earthquakes were the result of a USA Techtonic Weapons test (video). Yep that’s right, he is saying that the USA wanted the atrocity to happen. This brings up the subject of Techtonic weapons and whether or not they really exist. Evidently, Conspiracy Theorists have been trying to tell… Read More

I thought I would mention the books read this past week. Jobes/Silva Invitation to the Apocryhpa – I’d recommend it to anyone pursuing biblical scholarship who wants an introduction to the basic questions in the Apocryphal works. Martin Hengel’s The Septuagint as Christian Scripture – only to more serious students, it deals with a lot… Read More

Recently the Weatherford Telegram ran a story about suspected ground water pollution by disposal wells in the county. Then, MSNBC ran a story about fears of Benzene in the air. Nearby Aledo has been dealing with the issue as well. It seems fears are mounting in Parker County over the effects of Gas Wells. Although… Read More

While there is no specific text which describes creation in Zechariah, there are several locations where the writer alludes to the Creative God, or assumes God’s status as creator as a basis for judgment. To say it another way, there is no outright creation story in Zechariah, yet there are adverbs and adjectives which describe… Read More

This government program will allow me to make a purchase on a more efficient appliance, which will lower my monthly bills (just a bit), and lower my impact on God’s creation. I’m all for leaving a smaller environmental footprint.… Read More