The pope addressed the Environment talks in Copenhagen

I agree with the pope. That is, I agree with the pope’s recent statement calling the earth, water, and air the creator’s gift to humanity. I’m always willing to listen to a fellow Christian who cares about creation. The pope called for a new lifestyle, “a lifestyle marked by sobriety and solidarity, with new rules and forms of engagement, one which focuses confidently and courageously on strategies that actually work, while decisively rejecting those that have failed” (from the story).

I agree that western culture in general has developed a way of life that is detrimental to humanity. Consumerism on such a massive scale may ultimately be the downfall of the human race. I’ve been thinking about this as the US Senate is debating healthcare reform. I think that what humanity (and the USA on a smaller scale) needs to solve both issues of environmental care and health care is some sort of grassroots reform. I just don’t believe that a change in thinking can be legislated. Particularly in America people are resistant to anything that they think someone is forcing them into. People are suspicious of government, and authority. Therefore, the only way I think change can happen is if there is some sort of ideological change that occurs on an individual level, and then spreads throughout culture from individual to individual. I think that is how sincere change in culture can happen.

That sort of change is much the same sort of thing that Walter Brueggemann talks about in his book The Prophetic Imagination. Give it a read – you may not agree with everything but it will make you think about this issue of how change is enacted.

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