I had a great time raking my backyard this past Saturday. OK, so it wasn’t fun like going to a Braves game or something, but it was fun in a way. I enjoyed the time outside. I enjoyed the time meditating on God’s Creation and the cycles of seasons. I also enjoyed seeing how much fertilizer I’ll have as a result of all of those leaves!

My compost bin has been in need of some leaves as of late. I’ve waited to rake so that I would only have to do it once. But now I have enough leaves piled up to make lots of good compost through the year. The Composting Guide at Eartheasy.com suggests adding equal parts table scraps (not meat or cheese) and dried leaves. I have several earthworms in my bin, and it stays warm – so the smell is minimal and the speed is as high as possible. I will be using all my wonderful compost to fertilize the garden that I will be creating this spring. I can’t wait to enjoy the wonderful blessing of produce grown in my own little promised land!

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