For those of us Christians caring for God’s creation, want to save money, or for environmentalists, here they are in no particular order:

1. Turn down the heat – 1-2 degrees really does make a difference on your bill, and in terms of your impact

2. Cook human amounts of food – our lifegroup (at New River Fellowship) talked about how much food people really consume and also throw away. Try making normal portions of only what you need.

3. drive the speed limit – driving 65 or less and being conscious of that lead foot will save gasoline. Follow the link for more hypermiling tips. I can usually get 35mpg out of my 2001 Accord, and sometimes 41mpg!!! My 2000 Explorer will get 23mpg easy on the highway.

4. Turn off those lights – yes a key to a green Christmas is using less lighting. If you must put up lights, try not to be like the Griswalds, but at least try LED lights – they’ll save you money too. As a bonus, put them on a timer of some sort so you won’t forget to turn them off.

5. Recycle the tree – The National Christmas Tree Association (I’m not making that up) says that real trees are better for the environment. Most cities have a recycling program for after you’ve used them too (look here if your doesn’t).

6. Cut the paper – use recyclable wrapping paper (my uncle used newspaper all the time). Use real dishes. Use the good napkins and wash them instead of throwing away paper.

7. Think about where the gifts come from/ how they will impact the environment and whether or not they were made in an ethical way.

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