I had a wonderful day on Christmas 2009. My family had a wonderful time exchanging gifts. My 14mo old daughter really enjoyed it, and we had fun watching her open presents. One present I was not expecting was a gift from Dick Austin – author of John Knox Press series Environmental Theology. He sent me… Read More

I agree with the pope. That is, I agree with the pope’s recent statement calling the earth, water, and air the creator’s gift to humanity. I’m always willing to listen to a fellow Christian who cares about creation. The pope called for a new lifestyle, “a lifestyle marked by sobriety and solidarity, with new rules… Read More

All things considered, I think that Richard Austin’s book has value in calling Christians to experience God’s creation – his imagery will make the reader want to take a walk outside in a beautiful forest. I benefitted from this book by learning that there are other legitimate starting points for Christians to engage the environment. I also think that this book’s value is in it’s philosophical approach to environmental care. In the books on ethical treatment of the environment which I read for my thesis, none seemed to give the philosophical underpinnings the attention that Austin does in this book.… Read More

I had a great time raking my backyard this past Saturday. OK, so it wasn’t fun like going to a Braves game or something, but it was fun in a way. I enjoyed the time outside. I enjoyed the time meditating on God’s Creation and the cycles of seasons. I also enjoyed seeing how much fertilizer I’ll have as a result of all of those leaves!… Read More

The winner is… the Audi A3 TDI. The other finalists were the upcoming VW Golf TDI, the Honda Insight, the Toyota Prius, and the Audi A3 TDI. Out of all of those cars, which one has the worst mileage? The Honda – which isn’t even Honda’s most efficient hybrid (the Civic Hybrid is). The best… Read More

Bloomberg.com reports that the EPA has labeled CO2 as a hazard. Rush and others claim that this will pave the way for the Obama administration to enact tougher pollution rules without passing legislation such as the cap and trade bill. These (particularly Rush) opponents claim that the EPA’s decision was motivated by a desire to limit the rights of individual Americans. Yet, several people are likely very happy about this decision. The EPA has a point – CO2 can kill you (every year some people commit suicide by inhaling vehicle fumes).… Read More