Ikes waves

Ike's waves

Hurricane Ida’s projected path has it making landfall in the USA somewhere in the Louisiana-Mississippi area. Is it strange to have a hurricane this time of year? Sure, it’s not exactly something that happens every year, but it turns out it isn’t that extraordinary. So this year we are (un)lucky enough to get a November hurricane. What does that mean?

As a Christian who values ecology, I have a particular opinion. My evangelical position makes me think that God has some sort of control over this situation – not that God willed it to happen and injure “x” amount of people though. I think that God’s creation was fundamentally marred in the human act of rebellion that the Bible describes in Genesis. As such, bad things like hurricanes happen. Yet, God can and does break into the world to limit the impact that these awful events have on humanity. So as a “green” Christian, that’s what I think… What do you think?

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