Sink Hole
Sink Hole

A friend from New Mexico posted a link to this story on Fox News from his facebook account. The title is “New Mexico City Braces for Salt Cavern Collapse”. The story is semi-sensationalist, in that it makes it seem like a huge sink hole will open at any time there. I know that there are no hard facts on thisĀ  because 1) they would have included them as a good journalist, and 2) my father oversees and plans salt water floods (don’t know what that means click here) like this in an area near there. I have asked him about this topic before and he has not given me any reason to think that this sort of thing happens anywhere near regularly.

Bottom line – it stinks, but it has not been established that it is a definite conclusion of every salt-water flood. I hate to see God’s creation destroyed, or negatively impacted. This is why I personally favor the movement toward renewable energy sources. I think that anyone in the oil business will tell you that things will inevitably move that direction, whenever it becomes cost-efficient. That is why most major ‘oil’ companies label themselves as ‘energy’ companies. They don’t want to be pegged to something that won’t always be around.

I think a hot topic that this story could lead into is: What is the government’s role in overseeing businesses which do this, and in restoring people who are negatively impacted by these things. Personally, I think that the government should have some sort of regulartory board which ensures public safety to any reasonably insurable level. Then I think that individuals have the responsibility to make sure they are personally insured. In the event that something happens and people are not insured, my personal view is that charitable and non-profit organizations should come to the people’s aid, not government. I think that fits the attitude found in the Old and New Testament’s more accurately. I personally want people’s help to come from a properly motivated agency, not an agency which is trying to insure re-election of its own.

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