NAT GEO ran an article about Pythons in the Florida Swamps.

I find this article about pythons in Florida intriguing. For me, it calls to mind the story of Creation. Everything is created in order, and has a place in creation. In Florida, that order has been disrupted by introducing non-native species into the everglades. This has resulted in an imbalance in the ecosystem that will likely only be realized (in full) in the next century.

“Cudzu” in the American South is a European garden plant that was introduced by colonists. Unfortunately in the American South, it becomes a vile weed which kills entire forests. The stuff grows incredibly fast. Driving through Alabama I’ve seen it covering old houses, and miles of trees on the side of the road.

My “Cudzu” story was meant to show that when we introduce plants and animals into areas which they were not designed for, we don’t actually know what the outcome will be. It could be that these pythons will mate into some sort of really huge swamp snake and become the areas dominant predator. We simply don’t know what happens.

I think we humans should strive to be the God appointed order keepers of creation and not introduce new species into areas in which they are not native.

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