NAT GEO recently published an article about the sea level in the northeastern USA this summer.

It is interesting to me that scientists were unable to predict something like sea levels. After the fact, they claim that the answer was a slower Gulf Stream, and strange winds from the North East. I think it just goes to show that we don’t always have answers for simple things like tides, and sea levels. Perhaps, we should take Al Gore’s claims about sea levels being X feet higher in 2050 with a grain of salt.

I take comfort in knowing that God alone is in control of the Sea. Genesis 1 shows us that God created the seas, Exodus shows that God has power over water. As believers we should trust God to take care of the seas, and to protect us from the seas. But, that doesn’t mean we can say we trust God and then live however we want. We should honor God’s creation by trying to leave as little impact as possible so that we don’t mess up the testimony that creation bears to a Creator.

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