This entry is based upon this NAT-GEO article.

The article reports that Global Warming might actually cool the northern US for a while. This is because the melting ice which creates an infusion of fresh-water into the ocean would disrupt the salty sea current called the gulf stream (reminds me of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”). The theory says that the salty ocean current would be disrupted by the infusion of fresh-water until the two had adequately mixed.

The study is based upon findings related to changes in oxygen molecules found in ancient moss. Supposedly this correlates to a change in air temperature. While this is certainly possible, other events could also cause such a change. All that can be definitively said is that the oxygen molecules changed, and that the scientists are guessing (albeit a well-educated guess) that it was due to a change in air temperature, based on current models (you’ll see why I point this out in a minute).

They also say that this study shows that current climate models for predicting global warming may not have adequately taken things like fresh-water infusions into account. I have read a couple of books on Chaos theory, and find it helpful for describing climate prediction. There is no way that we can predict future occurrences in climate if we cannot accurately predict the weather even 1-2 days out. The margin of error would increase exponentially, giving a result which would be statistically useless.

So, I find it interesting that the scientists probably didn’t use a corrected model of climate prediction when stating that the oxygen molecule change in moss was caused by cooler air temperatures. Isn’t it also possible that there was another cause which models or their theory didn’t account for?

I think that we as humans created by God in God’s image should strive to honor his creation by leaving as little of a mark as possible. In this way I agree with the ethic of creation care that results from global warming studies, even without agreeing that global warming is a sure thing.

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