ran this article today about a family who lives in NYC yet swore off polluting for a year. The article is obviously slanted in favor of the family’s choices, but is still does enough reporting to paint a picture. The family basically stopped using any electrical power that was not essential. No extra lights,… Read More

The first Podcast for the Month of October. We discuss the topics of: Sea level rising due to ocean currents, Global Warming causing cooling, and Pythons in the Florida Everglades. These topics have an environmental and theological element.… Read More

NAT GEO ran an article about Pythons in the Florida Swamps. I find this article about pythons in Florida intriguing. For me, it calls to mind the story of Creation. Everything is created in order, and has a place in creation. In Florida, that order has been disrupted by introducing non-native species into the everglades.… Read More

NAT GEO recently published an article about the sea level in the northeastern USA this summer. It is interesting to me that scientists were unable to predict something like sea levels. After the fact, they claim that the answer was a slower Gulf Stream, and strange winds from the North East. I think it just… Read More

This entry is based upon this NAT-GEO article. The article reports that Global Warming might actually cool the northern US for a while. This is because the melting ice which creates an infusion of fresh-water into the ocean would disrupt the salty sea current called the gulf stream (reminds me of the movie “The Day… Read More