There is an episode called “Weather Warfare” which is intriguing. The episode alleges that E.L.F. waves are being used by Russia to send droughts upon the US, such as the California drought of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Additionally the show alleges that hurricane Katrina was a product of manipulation by Russia. They manipulated the strength and the direction of the storm.

Then the show claims that upon the completion of the USA’s ELF (extremely low frequency) wave generator in Alaska, the hurricanes mysteriously began missing the USA (2006). Unfortunately that isn’t true – Ike hit last year.

These claims are based upon theory made popular by Nicola Tesla. Now, Chaos theory takes the opposing view that weather is too complicated to manipulate.

I tend to side with the Chaos theory proponents – weather is too complicated to manipulate. Plus it would simply take too much energy to accomplish.

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