We are back from our vacation after doing an intensive remodel for 2 weeks. We had our LifeGroup (church small group) over on Tuesday. It was fun hearing all the guys mention that they liked the wood floor. I love it too. It’s a sustainably harvested laminated wood floor that I got wholesale and installed with the help of my brother in law. The floor is a Summit product called tekno step.

The paint is all Sherwin Williams Harmony paint. It was great that the paint had no smell and will not emit any VOC’s in the future. I have really enjoyed the process of doing the work myself – especially knowing that we were saving money!!

The only frustrations have been the plumbing and cooling systems since they sat unused for a very long time. I would guess this would be a problem with most foreclosures. Thankfully, the plumbing has been easy to fix myself – mostly just new shut-off valves and toilet parts. The A/C was replaced by a great company, Eco Air. They came back and cleared the drain line for me when it backed up after three days. They also helped me when I was frustrated with the cooling performance to pinpoint the thermostat as the problem. I changed that thing out for a new programmable one and have seen instant change.

The main thing that surprised me was the amount of waste generated from packaging materials. Thankfully almost everything was recyclable. But, my town is behind and has no curb-side pickup – so I’ve made several trips to the recycling bins.

No for the theological, or spiritual impact this process has had on me. So far – I’m very happy with the Green Remodel that we have done. As a Christian who wishes to honor God and his creation, I know that this has benefitted the environment. I have been able to enjoy restoring a house to it’s potential and will get to enjoy it with my family in the future. In addition, I know that we caused as little harm to the environment as we could have. All through the process I really did feel like I was honoring God (worship?) by caring for his creation. I felt connected to God in that I was forming something with my own hands – in a similar fashion to Gen 2. I only wish that my attitude had been better some of the time. It really is hard to have a great attitude when I’m sleepy and worn out. That’s where humility comes in. I had to do a lot of apologizing for my attitude and words at the end of the days.

I hope that God was glorified in the process and will continue to be glorified as I keep up the work.

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  • LifeGroup? Are you a member of the Church of Christ?

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  • My Th.M. thesis was titled: An Analysis of the Treatement of Ecology within Recent Old Testament Theology.

    Is this available or ahve you published anything from it?

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