My composter came today!! I came home to the happy surprise of two green goodies. The soil saver composter assembled in about 10min. I followed the instructions as far as what to add in first. Then, after dinner I scraped off the vegetable remains and took them out to the composter. I’m anxious to keep… Read More

Glenn Beck seems to think that all those who want to care for the environment do so from a politically progressive viewpoint. He is wrong. It is possible to be green minded and value individual choices and freedoms. However, this looks very different from the snapshot view that is presented of the Sierra club, and Al Gore’s followers.… Read More

There is an episode called “Weather Warfare” which is intriguing. The episode alleges that E.L.F. waves are being used by Russia to send droughts upon the US, such as the California drought of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Additionally the show alleges that hurricane Katrina was a product of manipulation by Russia. They manipulated… Read More

We are back from our vacation after doing an intensive remodel for 2 weeks. We had our LifeGroup (church small group) over on Tuesday. It was fun hearing all the guys mention that they liked the wood floor. I love it too. It’s a sustainably harvested laminated wood floor that I got wholesale and installed… Read More