This week I read a book called Introducing the Apocrypha written by David DeSilva in 2002. As a Christian who grew up in a Protestant (evangelical) setting, I was not familiar with the apocrypha. I was also excited to see that it contains glimpses of hope for the environment. This book opened my eyes to the world of the apocrypha. I had never really read a work like this – which was similar to an Intro to OT or NT. The book contains info about each apocryphal work such as general content, authorship and date, theology, it’s influence, it’s textual transmission, etc. 

I found this information extremely helpful in understanding the 1st century Christian and even Jewish understanding of Torah, and who God is/was. I especially enjoyed the way DeSilva pays attention to the author’s treatement of the environment. For example: DeSilva thinks that Wisdom of Solomon contains a glimpse of ecological hope for today. “This suggests a theology of creation that could speak poingangly to our ecologically challenged times. Any use of the elements of creation that does not honor God but instead promotes the modern iterations of idolatry is an affront to the Creator” (146). As a Christian who loves God the creator, and wants to honor him by caring for the environment – his creation, I’m on board with that statement.

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  • Excellent find! I have wondered what kind of ecological information is available in extra-biblical sources. It will be interesting to see how these apcryphal works shed light on ecological issues.

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